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Life's Directions

Moving Toward a Fulfilling, Value-Centered Life

This Book Changes Everything!

Life's Directions is a concise program of goal setting, plan development, and positive attitudes, fine-tuned and compacted into a simple, workable system.

The big news... These activities are built around a positive value system based on spiritual growth and a relationship with God. 

This book revolutionizes the self-help world! This book breaks new ground in combining spiritual growth with personal growth. The entire process is immersed in a positive value system that leads to worthy goals, life giving plans, and empowering positive attitudes. The result is a productive, purposeful, value-centered life. 


Life's Directions is a unique journey of discovery, choice, and change.


An Owners Manual For The Human Race


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Questions & Answers

Life's Directions

 1) What is Life's Directions about? Life's Directions is a comprehensive, complete program to develop goals, plans, attitudes and a positive self image supported by a positive value system.

2) Who should read Life's Directions

I think anyone could benefit from this book, but a look at a few questions will help with qualifying you as a reader:

  • Do you know what the top 3 goals are in your life?
  • Do you have plans to achieve those goals?
  • What are the dominant thoughts in your mind?
  • Do you see yourself as successful?
  • Are you upbeat and positive or depressed and negative?
  • Do you live by a set of values beyond your own self-interest?
  • Are you anxious, fearful, and stressed?
  • Are you living a happy, purposeful life?
  • Are you living to your highest potential?

3) Why should I read this book?

Life's Directions is unique in two keys ways:

  • First it covers all the main areas of goals, plans, attitudes, self-image and attitudes in a very concise and compact format.
  • Secondly, the program is centered on Christian principles, values, and practices. The book will allow the reader to live a productive, value centered life.

4) You state that humans are physical, mental, and spiritual beings.

That is a key point made in Life's Directions. If we don't recognize the spiritual component of our natures our entire concept of living is distorted. This, in fact, may be the root of all of our problems. We must develop and nurture our spiritual, physical, and mental lives in order to be truly successful.

5) How does Life's Directions define success differently?

Another key point of the book is a unique definition of success. My belief is success is a way of living, not simply the results. This definition is taken directly from the book:Success is the striving towards worthy goals, goals that nurture physical, mental and spiritual growth in my self and others.Success is the maximizing of my God given potentials and preparing myself to receive the gift of a fulfilled, happy, and purposeful life.Success is the integration of our physical, mental and spiritual natures directed to the achievement of worthy goals through loving means.Success is the optimum positive use of our mind, body and spirit for the greatest good of myself and others.

6) Why did you use Christian concepts in this program?

I believe we need both direction in our lives and to live by a positive moral value system. I believe that we need a moral compass to guide us in our life's decisions. If I put God at the center of life my goals, plans, attitudes and my self-image will develop in context of a value system that insures a successful life for myself and others. Christianity is the spiritual practice that I am most familiar with and is based on traditions of my culture. For me, it is the best source for moral guidance and support. Christianity also provides the basis for the daily practice of prayer and personal affirmations, which are also a part of the program.

7) What are the key Christian principles used in Life's Directions?

I have used the Greatest Commandment, To love God first with all my heart, soul, and mind, and to love my neighbor as myself. Plus I use what I call the Seven Deadly Sins Filter Test. All of my goals, plans and attitudes must pass through the filters of pride, lust, greed, envy, gluttony, anger and sloth. These guides seem to be a simple way to insure I that I stay on a path for a moral, value centered life. Certainly one could add the Ten Commandments or any other teaching from other traditions.

8) What are the other practices used in Life's Directions?

There are four practices included:

  • First: a daily reading of our top three goals,
  • Second: a daily reading of our personal affirmation statement,
  • Third: a practice of daily prayer, and
  • Fourth: a weekly visualization of your goals.

9) Why did you write this book?

I am not a writer! I talk on paper! I want to start a dialogue that looks at what we call success and how we get there. "What is at the center of our lives?" and "What value system are we living by?" are all critical questions we need to look at. This book gives us a way to structure our lives around a value system that benefits mankind as a whole. This book could be considered a summary of my life's experiences in some ways.

10) What if I need additional support after reading the book?

There is a Life Coaching Program (Positive Direction) which is the basis for Life's Directions. See the page on this web site for more details.

11) How can I buy the book?Very easy. 

Click on the Buy Now button and follow the instructions. The transaction will be handled by PayPal and is totally secure.